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“I am a 44 year-old medical doctor who is looking to learn a SKILL and who enjoys a good work out. I joined Impact BJJ Class under Prof Alexandro “Leke” Machado at the recommendation of a friend. I find the people at Impact MMA friendly and welcoming, without any airs generally.

Due to work and other commitments, I could not make it to the evening classes. I had to opt for private class with Leke instead. I have no prior knowledge of BJJ at all when I started training with Leke, so it was with some trepidation when I started my first lesson with him. He is tough trainer, but fair and gentle, well, gentle as far as he could of course, this is a Martial Art and contact Sport after all!

The weeks went by very fast, and I gradually become fitter and stronger, AND most important of all, I was having FUN! I strongly encourage anyone who wants to learn BJJ… GO DO IT!

Impact MMA is a place where I am able to train SAFELY, learning skills from a World Class Trainer. I have NO REGRETS training here, and I am still continuing my training!”

- Dr Goh Pui Kiat, 44, Doctor -

“Impact MMA is a really cool place to train! Whether you are like me, who wants to improve his jiu-jitsu skills, or whether you are into Muay Thai or even MMA, you’ll find a lot of classes throughout the week, great atmosphere, genuinely friendly crowd and really professional and attentive instructors!”

- Edward Khoze, 31, Software Developer -