Bruce Loh is a bit of legend in the local MMA scene. He has close to 30 years of martial arts experience and 20 years of teaching experience. An owner of multiple championship titles in Sanshou, Kickboxing & Nogi Grappling he was Singapore's first professional MMA fighter, competing as early as 2003.

Bruce is passionate about MMA and has been studying it religiously long before MMA was popular in Singapore. He has a passion for teaching martial arts, particularly to youths. He is well respected and has brought up many of Singapore's top MMA fighters including Royston Wee who became Singapore's first UFC fighter.

Bruce has previously competed in MMA events like One Championship, TPI (Indonesia), Dare FC (Thailand) and others.

Alexsandro Dos Santos Machado "Leke" is a professional MMA fighter and is Impact's head Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) and Grappling instructor.

Leke was a deputy coach to nine-time world champion Ricardo Vieira at the famous Fight Zone Academy in Rio de Janeiro. Leke was also in charge of training black and brown belts at Checkmat Brazil, one of the word's strongest BJJ teams which has produced numerous world champions.

Leke is also an accomplished wrestler winning National Titles in Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling in Singapore.

Despite being the youngest trainer at IMPACT, Niko is one of the most experienced MMA practitioners around. Niko started learning traditional martial arts at the tender age of 8 and won several competitions overseas in the national team. He made the switch to MMA at age 15 and has since been actively training and competing in MMA. With 3 impressive finishes in his last 4 fights, he is currently signed with One Championship. A very well rounded fighter who is skilled in all areas of MMA such as Boxing and Wrestling. You can count on Niko to put up an exciting fight in the cage.

Niko is also a dedicated trainer who gives his all for his students and his lessons are always engaging and very practical in approach.

Nazri has certainly come a long way from "flab to fab". An active athlete proficient in muaythai, boxing, and MMA, he has been commended by the media to be one of the most talented fighters from his performance in Malaysian Invasion MMA events.

Nazri competed in several amateur Muay Thai and MMA tournaments in Singapore and Malaysia. An explosive striker with knockout power, the vast majority of his wins are by knockout.

Nazri is an ACE, NCAP, and ASCA certified trainer who is extremely passionate about his art and never fails to inject variety and humour into his classes. Nazri also conducts specialized MMA training for reservist personnels in the Singapore Army.

Having himself conquered obesity, Nazri is very attuned to developing his students physically and mentally so that they can achieve their fitness goals from any starting point.

Sul has been competing and coaching for over 15 years in different combat sports. He holds both national and international level titles in Judo, BJJ, Silat, Sambo and Wrestling. He is currently a 2nd Degree black belt in Judo and a brown belt in BJJ. He is the first Singaporean male wrestler to win a SEA games medal in the sport of wrestling.

Sul was previously the Team Captain of Singapore's Wrestling Team and is now the coach behind IMPACT's wrestling team that has produced several National Champions and National Team members. He is a recognised certified coach under Singapore Sports Council and now focuses on coaching and developing athletes in various combat sports.

Caryl definitely lives up to the saying "size (and gender) does not matter". She started getting serious about Muay Thai in college at age 22 as a part of SIM Muay Thai Club, an affiliate of IMPACT MMA. She was the club's former Vice-President, President and Team Captain.

Caryl is an active Muay Thai competitor. Standing at 5 feet even, her small stature, chirpy nature and academic teaching experience allows her to connect very well with children. An extremely patient and committed trainer, Caryl's Muay Thai classes for kids are exciting and fun-filled. A strong advocate of starting kids young, her classes focus on a child's holistic development through Muay Thai, encouraging character building and imparting life values such as respect, discipline, and teamwork, while honing their psychomotor skills simultaneously.

Edgar is Singapore's pioneer Sport & Performance Psychologist. He is currently the mental toughness training consultant to IMPACT MMA. He works with our professional fighters to ensure they are in tip top mental condition for their fights. He also coaches our trainers on how to utilise the best mental techniques to enhance the training of our members. He was team consultant and traveling psychologist to numerous national teams preparing for the SEA Games, Asian Youth Games, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, Youth Olympic Games, Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, World Championships, and ASEAN Armies Rifle Meets since 1993. He was also an integral part of Royston Wee's fight camp for his UFC debut. He is an internationally published author (entitled *Mental Toughness Strategies of the World's Greatest Athletes*) and a sport psychology lecturer with SIM University and Sport Singapore's SG-Coach Certification Programme. Edgar holds black belts in both Aikido and Taekwondo, and was a national champion in canoeing and dragon boat racing.