Impact MMA, founded in 2010, is a real fighter's gym and has produced numerous homegrown local fighters including Singapore's first and only UFC fighter. It has always been our philosophy to provide affordable yet top level training in a safe and friendly environment. People of all levels and athletic backgrounds are welcome!

Impact was founded in 2010 by Bruce Loh and other like-minded friends. Bruce, who had first fought professionally in MMA in 2003, has always believed in spreading the beauty of martial arts. As such, Impact was set up to provide affordable training without compromising quality.

Impact’s grappling programme is helmed by Alexsandro “Leke” Machado. In Brazil, Prof Leke was the deputy trainer to BJJ legend Ricardo Vieira of Checkmat. Checkmat remains one of the world’s leading teams in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and No-Gi Grappling and Impact has been a proud affiliate since Impact’s founding.

Impact’s philosophy towards training is holistic. We believe in developing as complete a skillset as possible. As such, we offer high level training in all key areas of Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Grappling, Wrestling, Boxing etc. Our approach to physical conditioning is highly functional and focuses on a variety of training techniques and styles. Our trainers are coached on the psychological aspect of training by our consultant sports psychologist Edgar Tham so that both mind and body are taken care of.

Training at Impact MMA will develop your self-confidence, your ability to defend yourself, your fitness, and of course, your martial arts skills.

Our results prove our quality. Since our founding, Impact MMA is the only gym to have produced a steady stream of successful homegrown fighters to various major organisations including the world’s leading MMA organisation, the UFC. In particular, we made history when Royston Wee became the first Singaporean ever to sign with the UFC and he remains the only one to have done so. He racked up a winning record of 2 wins and 1 loss in the UFC. We have had 3 fighters participating in Asia’s leading organisation, One Championship. On the amateur front, our amateurs have picked up a large number of titles and accolades. We actively compete in MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai, Sanshou, boxing and wrestling competitions where we have amassed numerous titles and championships. As such, we can proudly say that the training provided at Impact MMA has shown itself to be highly effective.


Who can join us?

Impact caters to all. Whatever your fitness level, whatever your athletic or martial arts background, we have a place and a method to bring the best out of you. We believe everybody has the potential to be a confident, strong and fit individual and martial artist.

What’s the gym atmostphere like?

We have a very informal family-club setting. If you walk into our gym at any time, you will often find our members just hanging about chit chatting or drilling with each other in their own time. All are welcome!

There are no gimmicks here. We train the way real combat athletes train. We are athletes, we make athletes.