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Hailing from Morocco, Chouaib has a wealth of martial arts experience in disciplines like Taekwondo, Karate-Do-Shotokai, and Kickboxing, since the tender age of 7.

Having boxed since 1989, Chouaib has an astounding boxing fight record of 61 wins (21 KOs) and 22 losses. Notably, he was was champion of Morocco in 2 different weight classes.

As a coach since 2003, he has trained amateur and professional boxers alike. Chouaib is very passionate about boxing and is well versed with different training methods and approaches.

In recent years, Chouaib has expanded his own training to include grappling and wrestling and has adjusted his coaching style to adapt boxing techniques to MMA.

Teaches: Boxing, Striking for MMA
Coaching Experience: 13 Years
Boxing Record: 61 - 22


1998 Morocco National Boxing Championship <57kg – Champion
1998 Central Northern Morroco Senior Boxing League < 57kg - Champion
1996 Morocco National Boxing Championship <54kg – Champion
1996 Central Northern Morroco Senior Boxing League <54kg – Champion
1995 Junior Morocco Kickboxing Championship <51kg - Challenger
1995 Junior Morocco Full-Contact Championship <51kg - Champion
1994 Central Northern Morroco Junior Boxing League <51kg - Champion
1994 Morocco Junior Boxing Championship <51kg - Challenger


Karate-Do-Shotokai - Brown Belt
Full-Contact and Kick-Boxing - Black Belt
Boxing International Olympic Certificate
Royal Moroccan Boxing Federation Diploma